Browser based Graph Visualisation of SOA Dependency

Had worked on this small concept around a couple of years. This video shows a simple browser based graph visualisation  of a typical SOA deployments in Oracle SOA 11g Runtime.  This is an extension of the Java based sCrawler application. Have to update the visualisation and dependency generation for 12c .. coming soon … Advertisements

Installing hudson 3.3.0 on Weblogic

Hudson can be run independently by executing the hudson war file. The war can also be deployed on Weblogic server. Lets look at how to do the latter. Download the hudson war from Create a directory called hudson and put the downloaded war file into it. The war would typically have a name such as … Continue reading

Dynamic Routing Rules in Oracle Mediator 12c

Dynamic Routing rules has become very simple with 12c. A number of Request properties can be overridden. Let us look at a simple example for overriding the endpoint using DVM and Business Rule. This might be a good way to manage endpoints external to the mediator itself as both DVMs and Business Rules can be … Continue reading

BPEL Performance tips

Tips for Increasing BPEL Performance: Logging: Set Audit Level to Production Disable sensor and composite audit collection.(This may not be possible when BAM is being used. So, use JMS based BAM data insertion instead) Increase the Invoke Threads ( if there are more invokes than Callbacks), increase Engine Threads ( if there are lots of … Continue reading

How to change the Endpoint for Services in SOA 11g

Use Case: Consider the situation where the MDS contains Concrete WSDLs and all the Services use the MDS Service endpoints for communication (request/response and callbacks).  I had such a situation when the F5 that was used to route the SOA Services in a cluster was not routing the nodes of the cluster properly. HowTo: First, … Continue reading