Installing hudson 3.3.0 on Weblogic

Hudson can be run independently by executing the hudson war file. The war can also be deployed on Weblogic server. Lets look at how to do the latter.

  1. Download the hudson war from
  2. Create a directory called hudson and put the downloaded war file into it.
  3. The war would typically have a name such as hudson-X.X.X.war.Lets rename the war to hudson.war. (mv hudson.3.3.0 hudson.war)
  4. We will now convert the contents of the hudson folder into an ear which we will deploy to weblogic.
  5. Create a folder META-INF and inside create two files weblogic-application.xml and application.xml. Alternatively, you can download the ear from here
  6. Now, cd to the hudson root folder and zip the contents(zip -r hudson.ear *). Or you can use any zip tool of your choice
  7. Check the contents of the ear file(jar -tvf hudson.ear)Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.22.31 pm
  8. Now, deploy this to the weblogic via the console. In my case I have deployed it to the Admin Server running at 7001.
  9. Login to Admin Console, click on deployments and then choose installScreen_Shot_2015-07-28_at_11_26_46_pm
  10. Now, click on “upload your files”Screen_Shot_2015-07-28_at_11_30_01_pm
  11. Now, select the deployment archive option and select the hudson.ear file we just createdScreen_Shot_2015-07-28_at_11_32_04_pm
  12. Click next and select the default optionsScreen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.35.41 pm
  13. Name the application as HudsonScreen_Shot_2015-07-28_at_11_37_34_pm
  14. Click Finish and  activate the changes. You should see the hudson application deployed under deploymentsScreen_Shot_2015-07-28_at_11_41_37_pm
  15. You can now access the hudson page viz the URL http://host:port/hudson. Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.44.05 pm

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