OSB 11g Asynchronous Request Response with 11gR1 SOA Composite

SOA 11gR1 now provides the soa-direct transport which makes it possible to use the RMI based transactional Weblogic T3 Protocol to communicate between OSB and SCA. I am not quite sure how much this is different from the sb transport already available with the earlier versions, but the current SOA 11gR1 version insists that the … Continue reading

Custom XPath/XSLT Functions for Oracle App Server

Steps in creating custom XSL/XPath functions: This ones really handy… here are the steps: 1. Create a static inner class that implements IXPathFunction package customFunctions.sandeepphukan.test; import java.util.List; import com.oracle.bpel.xml.xpath.IXPathContext; import com.oracle.bpel.xml.xpath.IXPathFunction; import com.oracle.bpel.xml.xpath.XPathFunctionException; /** * A class that echoes the parameter * @author sphukan * */ public class echo { /** * XPath function */ … Continue reading

Passing Parameters from BPEL to XSLT

Oracle BPEL can pass parameters defined within an XSLT. This is convenient as normally the XSLT maps are not able to access variables that are defined explicitly in BPEL. Its pretty easy to do … just follow these steps: 1. The parameters that require to be passed to the XSLT should adhere to the following … Continue reading