Dynamic Value Mapping in OSB via Custom XPaths

I. Overview OSB 11g R1 does not have DVM support. Now this is perfectly fine for clients who are using DVMs as part of the SOA Composites. But considering the fact that Oracle Mediator 11g has DVM functionality, and that many clients would have a migration path from Mediator based artifacts to OSB 11g, this … Continue reading

Custom XPath/XSLT Functions for Oracle App Server

Steps in creating custom XSL/XPath functions: This ones really handy… here are the steps: 1. Create a static inner class that implements IXPathFunction package customFunctions.sandeepphukan.test; import java.util.List; import com.oracle.bpel.xml.xpath.IXPathContext; import com.oracle.bpel.xml.xpath.IXPathFunction; import com.oracle.bpel.xml.xpath.XPathFunctionException; /** * A class that echoes the parameter * @author sphukan * */ public class echo { /** * XPath function */ … Continue reading