Oracle SOA Designtime Dependency Tracker Tool

SOA projects often get complicated and it is quite difficult to track dependencies of each process or service. The Oracle Enterprise Manager console is quite informative but it lacks the ability to track the entire flow of all the participating designtime processes/services. Most of the times, the developer has to get back to JDeveloper and track the flow manually. This can be a painstaking and time consuming effort.

I am sure there would be something in the offering soon…but for the impatient ones … here comes the Oracle SOA Designtime Dependency Tracker Tool. I have finished building the individual components and in the process of putting it all together.

The tool will use forward directed graphs to find out Designtime Dependencies of an integration. It will present the dependencies in a way that is easy to comprehend indicating possible design flaws like cyclic flows, flow-out and flow-ins, etc.

Consider a BPEL-ESB-Adapter integration as follows:

The design contains a cyclic flow shown with the rectangle.

In order to be able to track the complete flow for this integration, we would have to check the ESB Service definitions for ESBProcess1 and ESBService2 and BPELProcess1 , BPELProcess2 and BPELProcess4 individually.

The information that the Oracle EM provides for the Services is:


Clearly, end to end designtime visibility is not there.

Now consider the same via the Tracker Tool :

This conveniently shows all the process dependencies as well as the cyclic deadlock between BPELProcess3 and ESBService3.

Differentiates the ESB and BPEL processes prominantly based on some criteria (color in this case ).

The information presented here is based on the Process/Service Name as graph node but the same can be based on say concrete WSDL Locations, Service Types (BPEL, ESB),SubServiceTypes (Adapter,Process,Service) etc.

Eg. Based on Process Types

Based on Process-Adapter interactions

Based on WSDL Contracts

Will publish rest of the details after the tool is completely done.

Till that time …. happy tracking !!!!


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