How to change the Endpoint for Services in SOA 11g

Use Case: Consider the situation where the MDS contains Concrete WSDLs and all the Services use the MDS Service endpoints for communication (request/response and callbacks).  I had such a situation when the F5 that was used to route the SOA Services in a cluster was not routing the nodes of the cluster properly.


  1. First, replace all the endpoints of the WSDLs to the new endpoint and import these WSDLs to the MDS.
  2. Go to Weblogic Console –> Clusters –> SOA_Cluster –> HTTP  and change the  Frontend Host and HTTP port to the hostname of the new endpoint
  3. Go to Enterprise Manager Console –> SOA_INFRA –> SOA Administration –> Common Properties  and change the Callback Server URL    and  Server URL to the complete hostname:port of the new endpoint.
  4. Restart SOA.

Easy as that!



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